Curriculum Objectives

Curriculum Objectives

State guidelines require each school and educational organization to create a set of curriculum objectives and standards to help not only guide learning but to create the level of knowledge each child must reach before completion of the program.

Kiel School has created a list of ten state approved objectives to help drive your child’s learning. From creating the perfect learning environment to the perfect curriculum for kindergarten readiness, we have tailored each objective to help your child individually.

  • To provide a loving, safe, varied environment that meets the child’s needs for learning, activity, quiet, privacy, rest, play, nutrition, and instruction.
  • To support and encourage the growth of each child’s ability to relate and deal with people, and the world outside his or her home.
  • To provide first-hand experiences that will increase a child’s awareness of what is happening around them.
  • To encourage healthy expressions of feelings through movement, role-playing, stories, music, and art.
  • To stimulate and motivate language readiness and development through formal activities, play and discovery.
  • To help the child develop self-sufficiency and independence in caring for his or her personal needs (commensurate with his or her abilities).
  • To provide a meaningful curriculum that includes science, art, music, math, physical education, health, reading, writing, and social studies. A curriculum that promotes kindergarten readiness.
  • To provide an environment with activities that will foster and encourage gross and fine motor development.
  • To provide an environment and program in which each child will develop feelings of: “I am special” and “I like school and learning”
  • To have fun and feel safe.

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