Preparing your Child for Future Success!

Whether your child is interested in arts and crafts or physical activities, Kiel School has it all! We create our curriculum based on state readiness objectives to help prepare your child for entrance into Kindergarten. We offer both full-time and part-time enrollment options for children ages 2.5 to 6. Our curriculum is tailored to work with each age group.

Curriculum Implementation Activities

Creative art activities with a variety of tools and media.

Listening, singing, rhythm, movement, instruments, and dramatic expression.

Vocabulary, concepts, ideas, syntax, talking and communicating, asking questions, thinking skills, voice, pitch and experimentation. Poetry, puppets, audio visual materials, show & tell.

Stories, poetry, vocabulary, concepts, discrimination and classification activities, alphabet, experiences that will encourage creative story telling, sequencing, conversation.

Shapes, counting activities, measuring, water play, block corner, comparing, organizing, sorting, weighing, calendar.

Cooking, planting, pets, animals, weather/temperature, seasons, walks, water, air.

Informal outdoor play on various kinds of gym equipment, games, planned activities to develop basic physical movemonts and balance.

Personal hygiene, proper dress, foods and good nutrition.

Concepts developed during the use of equipment, snack time, and socialization among children and staff.

Home, family, school, community, country, world, holidays, patriotism, races, ethnic groups, transportation, manufacturing, etc.

Wheel toys, climbers, slides, balance beam, trampolines, balls, parachute, beanbags, outdoor play equipment, etc.

Coordination activities using puzzles, pegboards, lacing boards, scissors, pencils, table top building toys, stencils, games, etc.